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The Trumpet / Polynesian Buzz

How to satisfy women (a woman) in bed

To my fellow men and of course ladies, please pass this technique to all your friends because if we can help women to stay in a daily state of bliss then the world will be a better place!

This is the worlds number one multiple orgasm technique.
It is called “The Buzz”, or “The Trumpet”. It is said to have originated from a Polynesian tribe which we will go into later.

These are some of the responses I’ve had from lucky women who I introduced to the Buzz over the past years:

“It Defies Nature!”
“I’m going to tell all my friends”
“You certainly have my seal of approval”
“I didn’t know this was possible”
“What can I do now, nothing will be the same again”
“I never had 6 orgasm’s before and all in 30 minutes”
Right, so here is the technique, it is very simple but explosive!
Have the woman lay down on her back and get comfortable, preferably have a good headboard that she can place her arms back and hold onto. Place a cushion under her hips, do whatever foreplay you feel is necessary but if she is ready to go straight on the rollercoaster then don’t waste time.
satisfy-womenTake some deep breaths for a couple of minutes, oxygenate your system because your going to have to hold your breath for a long time!
Go down and make sure the hood is pulled back so that you can reach a point called the Frenum and start to massage this area with your tongue, Your woman can also help you by holding back the hood, then when you are ready you need to make a blowing sound as if you are playing a trumpet, you need to make a fine lazer like channel of air come from your mouth onto the Frenum and surrounding area. The key is to do it for an extended time, some women have different hotspots so tell her to say 10 if you hit the spot, or 8 if you are close, etc. (I once got a “12”)

It sounds a bit like a motor boat, don’t blow too strong, it has to be a medium strength, but make sure the woman directs you whether it be gentle or full speed boat. If you can circular breathe or if you are freediver then you are already a winner as the longer you can blow without stopping, the more closer to orgasm she will get.

When you blow the air and energy onto the frenum this way, it builds up very quickly in her sexual chakra so tell her to focus on breathing deep and to pull up the energy to her heart and crown chakra (head). This is called Sublimation.

This will enable her to have multiple orgasms and eventually she may have a full body orgasm. Keep in close communication with her, you can have signals to start/stop like 2 taps to start and 3 taps to stop as when she is in a blissful state it will be hard for her to speak but its important that when she needs a breather that you are synchronized with her. Encourage her to make as much noise as she wants because sound is healing and she can release any blockages this way.

If she feels pain anywhere then she may need another technique called De-Identification which will help her to release the blockage, then the Trumpet can continue.

De-Identification Technique

De Identification usually happens at a young age, when a child feels weak, they identify with the closest stronger personality, and they almost become that person, even taking on some of their negative traits and illnesses. it also can happen as an Adult.

If there are blockages during the Trumpet session, stop and place your hand on the area which feels blocked, ask the person, what kind of shape, colour, size does this feeling have, does it feel hot, cold? then ask if this feeling belonged to another person, would it be a male or a female, how old are they? what kind of person are they? what is it that attracts you to that kind of person? then ask do you want to hold on to this energy, or let it go? if they wish to let it go, guide them through a visualization seeing the ball of energy leaving their body and going out through the sky and beyond, fading away.. then repeat the same process if any blocks are found during the sessions.